Heather Shoemaker Wyoming Article Roundup

The links below are a collection of popular sites relating to Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming (WY). First a brief bio. 

Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming lives in Cheyene, Wy. She received her law degree from the University of Wyoming College of Law in Laramie. After graduating she worked as an Associate at The Law Offices of Vernon Dill for two years, before opening her own office in downtown Cheyenne in mid-2007.
"Law school at Wyoming was great," recalls Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming. "It's a beautiful campus, for starters. And it's a first-rate legal education, too. I loved it and would recommend it to other aspiring law students."
The UW College of Law is the smallest public law school in the United States, says Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming. The small class sizes, which average a ten-to-one student to faculty ratio, promote interaction between the students and their law professors, she says, which is something you don't at bigger law schools. Most of the faculty members teach while keeping up their careers in legal research and inquiry, she said. "And that helped me get a real insight into the realities of the day-to-day practice of law."


Posted by admin on
The most authoritative site is actually this one:
It looks like this site does have information about Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming as well, though I don't think it was the first.
Posted by admin on
No, this site is actually the accurate Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming site. The other domain is not from a reputable source. Anyway, interesting stuff about UW college of law and work-life balance.
Posted by lacey on
Interesting information about Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming. However I'd like to see more original artwork on this site, if possible. Not sure where these images are coming from.
Posted by Gerard Fan on
I've heard this is a great law school and it's good to see a roll-up of articles about Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming. I also prefer this site though:

However, this domain is more authoritative.
Posted by Jersey Girl on
I respect women who take the time to go to law school and further their own pursuits in addition to family, as is obvious about this Heather Shoemaker in Wyoming. Go girl!
Posted by Sandra D. on
yay for U.W. law school. I'm a student there now and love it. I hope to practice somewhere in Wyoming as well.
Posted by Thomas E. on
I didn't know UW was the smallest public law school in the US. Is that good or bad? I'm guessing it's good from a getting-to-know-the-other-students perspective but maybe not as well connected as other law schools when it comes to future employment? I'm studying pre-law and am trying to decide where to go to law school in a few years.
Posted by Cory Versus on
I agree that the https://heathershoemakerwyoming.wordpress.com/ is the more authoritative source. Looks like it has been around for longer. Anyway, we need more mom attorneys and I like this kind of publicity.
Posted by Dawn Gaither on
I'm also looking into law schools and like the sound of a small one like this. I'm in Nebraska which isn't so far away.
Posted by Jarome Samuels on
I'm a graduate of UW law school and I loved it. Only problem is it's freaking COLD in Laramie. That's my only gripe. The community was great.
Posted by Dolly on
Yeah, it looks like this girl has it all together - family, work, work-out. But it's hard to maintain that kind of a balance if you don't have the financial resources or family support to begin with. What about single moms?
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